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The Muriel Pollia Foundation

The Muriel Pollia Foundation is dedicated to furthering Activism, Social Justice, Equity, Education and the Arts. 

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Dr. Muriel Pollia

Dr. Muriel Pollia was recognized internationally as a philosopher, metaphysician, humanitarian, benefactor, writer, editor, publisher, poet and scholar of Zen aesthetics and East West philosophies/religions. A communications specialist, she was a radio/television broadcasting pioneer and served as a news analyst for NBC. In addition, she became the first woman president of the National Broadcasting Company Employees Federal Credit Union. 


When the President’s Commission on the Status of Women was established by John F. Kennedy in 1961, she was appointed Special Consultant to the Assistant Secretary of Labor, where she served as an advisor on all official publications for The Women’s Bureau


As a leader in the international humanitarian charity Military and Hospitaller Order of St. Lazarus, where she earned the title of Her Excellency Dame Muriel Pollia, she was the editor of their newsletter and conferred frequently with ambassadors, diplomats, and religious leaders worldwide.


Dr. Muriel Pollia spent her life dedicated to facilitating the individual and collective achievements of artists, activists and humanitarians, and said of herself, “The people I meet, have met, are yet to meet, know now, and have known, are my achievements.” She lived passionately, and was enraptured by, as she put it, “the WONDER of it ALL.”

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